Painting to heal your mind, body & soul

Is it time to pause for a moment, heal and re-connect with your

intuition and your peaceful nature?


With such busy lifestyles it’s easy to forget that we are our intuition and we have a peaceful nature. You know you are already connected to these, right? I believe that we have just forgotten our way back home to our true selves. This is why I paint, I want to make paintings that connects my clients back to their true inner, peaceful nature, even if its just for a quick minute in the middle of your busy working day. It’s important to connect back into your awareness and nature of being. One small pause can heal you in the middle of chaos.


Hello, my name is Sari Cecilia, and I use my intuition to paint healing intuitive paintings specifically custom made for you (see intuitive painting experience for more information).

My mission is to break down the duality that we all live with everyday. The duality between your innocent happy soul (that is the real you - your heart),  and the busy adult you with all our duties, desires and responsibilities.

I want to help you, if you are ready to start a very simple yet powerful healing journey to bring you back to true self so that you can feel the joy of being connected to your intuition and coming home again!

Why am I on this mission? Because it breaks my heart to see people stuck in their heads thinking about, work, responsibilities and daily commitments. Yes, these are all very noble and necessary things I know because I was like that too, until I burnt out and got really sick! I didn’t realise how far I was from my true self. I didn’t even realise that I was stressed and unhappy (that’s how far in my ‘head’ I was!). Then I got ill and my body forced me to stop, my head had to stop thinking and processing and my intuition kicked in! My intuition lead me back to my truth: I am an artist who heals through art. I am home again!

If you know you have to pause now and rejuvenate from the ‘noise’ of your busy life, then you are in the right place. Take a look at look at my paintings and contact me if you want me to make a intuitive painting specifically for you.


Sari Cecilia Raccuglia-Putri