Is it time to get out of your head and move into your heart?

What messages from source are you not listening to?

we need to pause to really hear our intuition


With such busy lifestyles it’s easy to forget to listen to our heart. We are constantly bombarded with stimulus from technology. We need to pause to really hear our intuition, we need to go back to our core values.

You may ask, What do my core values have to do with paintings? Ancient Divination tools like meditation and channeling are vehicles to connect us with source energy and the messages they have for us. I’m really driven to make channeled paintings for people to connect them to the messages they need to hear right now.

The problem many people are having is that they are not experiencing the joy of having a clear mind. If they do not follow the thinking mind, they cannot get stuck between clarity and confusion. Clarity comes from a pure mind that knows what they need to do next - with ease.



Hello, my name is Sari Cecilia, and I use my intuition to channel a direct message for you in a personalised channeled painting. My mission is to help you hear and receive the messages from your higher self/ source. I am passionate about helping people hear their messages and feel grounded and connected to source again. The painting becomes the physical manifestation of the message you need to hear. So when you look at your painting you can remember and learn from the messages you received and move forward with clarity. It is possible that you will continue to receive further messages from the paintings well after the channeled painting experience.

Why am I on this mission? Because it breaks my heart to see people stressed and stuck in their heads thinking: about work, about problems, about relationships. Staying awake in the middle of the night worrying. I was like that too. In fact, I didn’t even realise that I was stressed and unhappy and far away from my intuition. Then I got ill and my body forced me to stop, and because I stopped (the daily grind), I could start to hear my intuition! My truth revealed itself to me - I am an artist who channels and heals through art. Finally I felt like I was home again, grounded and clear about what I needed to do next.

If you know you have to pause, get out of your head and reconnect, then you are in the right place. Take a look at my paintings to see if you can pause, ‘feel in’ or even hear an intuitive message for you…


Sari Cecilia Raccuglia-Putri

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