Channeled Painting Experience

Your Channeled Painting Experience

We will meet live (in person or online) to connect and talk. I will lay out a personalised tarot spread for you and receive insights and messages from your spiritual guides and ancestors. We will discuss what arises and what messages you need to hear now to gain clarity for you to move forward. I will be tuning into you through an ancient intuitive awareness meditation process I have been practicing for over 25 years. If you choose to keep the recording I make for you, this will be the first gift you will receive in an Mp3 audio format of the channeling experience.

The second gift you will receive is a book bound record of any notes, images or downloads I receive along the way so you can be the witness to the creative process. The final channeled painting and bound journey book may take up to 3 weeks. You will receive your painting and journey book for you to keep as a record and memory of your channeled painting experience.

You will receive the large final oil painting (min size 40” x 40”) and a personal journey book, chronicling the experience.

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